Captain Daddy (Daniel)

Our servant leader and a faithful visionary, Captain Daddy has been driving the boat and this adventure since before it began. Daniel is passionate about following Jesus and being a good husband and daddy. He also enjoys fixing things, learning, teaching, nutrition, health and fitness. He is never afraid to tackle an unfamiliar boat project.

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Daniel had a career as a paramedic crew chief and field training officer before packing up and hitting the high seas. In February, 2019, he got his Bare Boat Skipper Certification from the Blue Water Sailing School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is prayerful and aims to let the Spirit lead the way on this voyage…

“If God isn’t with us, I don’t want to go” -Daniel

Jaime, April 2019



I’m Jaime, the mama. I’m learning, daily, how to best serve God and love my family. I enjoy studying the bible and other spiritual literature, time with my husband, playing with my girls, taking walks, yoga, writing, dates with girlfriends and I am a total foodie. I love recipes, baking and all things food especially the eating part.

I recently got my certification as a Holy Yoga instructor. Living on a boat is a lifestyle I never knew I wanted and I didn’t see coming. My favorite part is the quality time I get to spend with my family and watching my girls grow. Oh and dolphins! Seeing dolphins! My prayer is that our family will offer inspiration for others to live out loud with WILD faith and follow what God has called them to with reckless abandon.

Jaime, April 2019  


Abigale Clare (age 3)

Little miss Abigale Clare has a joyful and curious nature. She is very observant and doesn’t miss a thing. She is a nurturer and loves taking care of her sister or anything from an elephant pacifier to a can of beans. Abby loves helping daddy in the engine room, helping me cook and clean and discovering playgrounds at every stop. She is a sponge when it comes to learning all things especially sailing, outdoors and nature. It has been a pure delight seeing the wonder in her eyes when we explore each new place.

Jaime, April 2019


Hadley Grace (age 1)

Hadley Grace has a crazy spirit about her. She loves to eat everything, like her mama, and turn herself into what we affectionately refer to as an avocado monster (pictured above). She literally learned to walk on our sailboat so she’s earned her sea legs. When she gets those little feet on solid ground, she takes off and is hard to keep up with. Hadley is an absolute sweetheart, loves cuddles and is learning new words daily. Many people who meet her comment on her beautiful, piercing eyes.

Jaime, April 2019